Finland-Somalia Association

Building Bridges Between Somalia and Finland

Finland-Somalia Association (FSA) is a non-governmental friendship organization founded in 1986. FSA’s main purpose is to maintain and promote cooperation between Finland and Somalia and support interaction between Somalis and Finns. In addition we aim to make Somalia’s nature, history and cultural life known in Finland. We have led development projects concentrating on health and environmental issues in Somalia since 2001. In Finland we work to increase the well-being and social inclusion on the Somali population.

Projects in Somalia

Currently association supports the implementation of two projects.

  • Daryeel – Mobile Healthcare for rural areas of Jubaland
  • Ramaad – Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation Project

Both projects promote sustainable development goals and help the development of the communities involved in Lower-Juba region, Afmadow district, Somalia.


In Finland

In addition that association promote good relationship between Finland and Somalia, our association also takes part in integration activities of Somalia community by providing consultation and other services to communities involved in integrating newcomers.

In these activities, our association arranges seminars, events, meetings, conferences and as well promotes cultural and historical between Somalia and Finland.

As a part of our strategy in 2016-2020, we  promote also business relations of Somalia and Finland while encouraging Finnish companies to make investments to Somalia. This is done in collaboration with Finnish investment institutions, Finnpartnership, Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland’s embassy in Kenya as well as with Somalia ministries and chambers of commerce.

Our vision

To advance an effective and sustainable network, which has positive impact on both the integration of Finnish Somalis to the Finnish society and on helping Somalia’s socio-economic development. In doing so, we take into consideration all members of the society in all the activities we initiate and/or take part in.

Our mission

To promote community-empowerment through equitable access, sustainable development and mitigation in conflict resolution.

Our values

  • Equity and fairness
  • Accountability, transparency and anti-corruption
  • Gender equality and human rights
  • Professionalism and committed voluntary service
  • Conservation of the environment
  • Promotion of good governance and democracy
  • Promotion of work and skills for youth and women

Our strategy and objectives for 2016-2020

For more information about our projects in Somalia, activities in Finland, possible collaboration please contact: suomisomaliaseura(at)

Finland-Somalia Association – Expert in Somalia and in Finland