Finland-Somalia Association

Building Bridges Between Somalia and Finland

Finland-Somalia Association (FSA) is a non-governmental friendship organization founded in 1986. FSA’s main purpose is to maintain and promote cooperation between Finland and Somalia and support interaction between Somalis and Finns. In addition we aim to make Somalia’s nature, history and cultural life known in Finland. We have led development projects concentrating on health and environmental issues in Somalia since 2001. In Finland we work to increase the well-being and social inclusion on the Somali population.

Projects in Somalia

Currently association supports the implementation of two projects.

  • Daryeel – Mobile Healthcare for rural areas of Jubaland
  • Ramaad – Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation Project

Both projects promote sustainable development goals and help the development of the communities involved in Lower-Juba region, Afmadow district, Somalia.

In Finland

In addition that association promotes good relationship between Finland and Somalia, our association also takes part in integration activities of the Somali community by providing consultation and other services to communities involved in integrating newcomers. For the moment we focus on the topics of employment by acting as a linking bridge between our target group and services.

Currently our main activity in Finland is the Waaberi -project in which Finnish-Somali community’s work life and entrepreneurship requirements in private sector are improved. The aim of Waaberi is also to strenghten the confidence in work life and to increase the interest in starting and setting up own business. In addition, the intention of the project is to dispel the prejudices of Finnish employers and business actors and to lower the threshold for companies to hire Finnish-Somali employees. The project runs from 2019 – 2021 and it is financed by the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA).

Our strategy and objectives for 2016-2020

For more information about our projects in Somalia and Finland and possible collaboration please contact: